We’re living in unprecedented times which are causing a remote working revolution.

COVID-19 has seen us all adapt to the way we work. However, not all businesses are in the position to move their teams to remote working.
Tang Technology has over 40 years of experience in providing remote working solutions, we provide complete end-to-end solutions to enable effective remote working.
Talk to us, we can get your business and your workforce working remotely in a matter of days, not months.

Our remote working solutions will transform your workforce.

We work with you in 9 key areas to ensure resilient business continuity solution no matter where you work from. Wherever you’re at in your remote workforce deployment, we can help today.

1. Voice Communications

Just because your team are working remotely, does not mean you need to lose your most valuable business tool, the phone and voice communications. Utilising VoIP, Desktop Handsets, Mobile Phones, Softphones are just some of the technology that can be implemented to keep you connected to your customers.
Talk to our specialists and find out how we have helped hundreds of our client's transition to a remote workforce, whilst still maintain reliable and seamless voice communications solution.

2. Security

Now more than ever you need to protect your client information, your intellectual property and ensure your staff are protected whilst working remotely. Remote access security, Identity access management, VPN's, digital signatures are just some of the myriad of technologies that make up a complete security policy for remote working teams. We have 40 years of experience in the area of remote access security.

3. Modern Equipment

Working remotely provides unique challenges to be able to deliver a productive and seamless customer service experience. Your team needs to be empowered and have access to the data and systems they need when in the office. We know what works and what does not work, for effective remote teams to provide outstanding customer service. The challenges of working remotely, require a fit for purpose hardware and technology package. Our specialists have the experience to help you implement an outstanding remote working technology solution.

4. Information Access

We take the time to understand your information data requirements, information location, applications used and are the needs of your teams. Once we determine the information data access requirements, we can then propose the most effective remote working data access solutions, whilst maintaining performance, reliability, security tp deliver a seamless customer service experience for your valued clients. Our specialists can discuss how cloud data access, hybrid private cloud, web applications and a host of other technologies can help you meet and exceed your remote working objectives.

5. Virtual Desktops

Your working teams will need access to systems and software to enable them to deliver on your customer service objectives. One of the fastest to deploy, most secure and easiest of use for your team is the implementation of Virtual Desktops. This technology will enable your remote team to access and operate your current business software and information with no change in your current workflow practices. Whilst not suitable for all business requirements, our specialists can determine the suitability and the best implementation for your business.

6. Training & Support

Remote working teams are often a totally different working environment to anything they have done before. We have extensive experience to training and provide effective productivity and engagement for your remote working teams. Our specialists have been implementing and support remote workforces for over 40 years, we know how critical it is to have reliable, experienced and understanding support for your workforce.

7. Monitoring & Auditing

Knowing and understanding the effectiveness of a remote access workflow goes well beyond traditional workplace KPI. We know its important to put measurements on the useability, effectiveness, reliability and productive of any remote workforce solution. By monitoring and reviewing the system log files, user conversations, auditing any support requests and discussions with the business key stakeholders, ensures that the implement solution is meeting and exceeding the expectations of the business and its customers.

8. Web Applications

Many traditional desktop or network installed applications have in recent years, been developed to run in the cloud or internet, these applications know as cloud web applications are no longer restricted to a traditional network or workstation connection. These cloud web applications only require a device with a current web browser to access the application. If an application is being used by a business as a cloud web application, then the move to a totally remote workplace is a very easy process. Our specialist can assist in the assesment and determine your current application work processes and if cloud web applications can assist your remote workplace objectives.

9. Collaboration

With a team working remotely, we lose the face to face contact that a workplace can provide, to effectively motivate, nurture and inspire your team, a single easy to use collaborative platform is required to seemless communicate with your team, regardless of a members location. Our specialist are trained, certified and have experience implementing Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and many other collaborate workplace ecosystems.


Want a hybrid model

Employee's a seek and employer who has a business model where they work from home part of the time


Will stay with current employer

Most would more likely stay longer with an existing employer should that employer provide them with the flexibility of working remotely or from home


Significantly more productive

When working from home than in an office environment, this also changes with age, While only 45% of Gen Ys report being more productive from home, this number is effected by age 43% for Gen Y to 52% for Gen Xs and 61% for the Baby Boomers

Let’s get started on transforming your business and your team in to a remote hybrid workplace 

We’ve been trusted by thousands of customers over the past 40 years

Only by getting an in-depth understanding of your business, industry, competition and your objectives, can we create a unique technology solution to empower your business and your customer service team
I would personally like to thank you and everyone at Tang Technology. In the extremely tough market of retail leasing which we operate in, Tang Technology has supported and maintained our IT services and systems since 2011. They took on our business from a previous IT company and all of our legacy hardware, they have maintained our systems and ensured we maintained a very tight IT budget. They have worked with us to ensure we get the best outcome and the best value for money for our IT purchases.

Karin Tsagalis - Lease Equity

We highly recommend Tang Technology for IT services, support and business solutions, they have been our IT providing since 2004, we have grown the business, relocated services, established a new head office and central warehouse. Tang has established our new multi-site VoIP hone system to improve communications and reduce our operating costs. We would recommend Tang Technology without hesitation.

Nilesh Shah - J&K Hopkins

We cannot speak highly enough of the team at Tang Technology. We are a multi-site automotive spare parts supplier to the WA market. Our need to fast responsive and reliable IT services and communications is paramount to our operational success. Tang Technology has been our principal provider since 2009 and has consistently delivered innovative IT solutions and services to exceed our requirements.

Tabitha Lim- Lintrex

I cannot speak more highly of the Team at Tang Technology. Special mention to Aaron Lloyd from Tang team, as a Department of Education, recommended Technology Integrator, we chose Tang in 2011 to be our Technology services and solution partner. We have grown from strength to strength in all these years Tang has worked with our internal team of IT specialist to deliver and exceed our requirements year on year.

Jacqui Butler - John Curtin College of the Arts

Tang Technology are our specialists for everything IT, communications and software. In early 2014 we realised that we had outgrown our current IT services provider, on recommendation from our Accountant who also uses Tang Technology, we partnered with Tang Technology. The past 6 years have seen massive growth in the construction industry, Tang has met and exceeded our expectations each and every day.

Kristijan Radeski - GN Construction

I would personally like to thank you and everyone at Tang Technology. We were introduced to Tang in 2016 by a colleague at Lease Equity, prior to Tang were we managing our own IT and telephone services, our costs were increasing and our business was not performing. Tang sorted everything out within 10 days and we have never looked back. Highly recommend Tang Technology

Kristi Dempster - Assembly & Co

After many years of poor customer service from another IT company, we were recommended to Tang Technology by one of our suppliers. The business has now improved and our staff are more productive and business efficiency has improved. The staff at Tang are patient, understanding and have outstanding customer service.

Ebony Edward - Fresh Froniter

I would personally like to thank you and everyone at Tang Technology. The team have supported out 24/7 operation since 2012. Tang is our IT specialists and has worked with our organisation in all aspects of our ICT, remote access and voice services.

Tanya Steele - WA Deputising Medical Service

Tang is has been our IT services and solution provider since 2015, In that time we have grown our customer base and developed new markets, Tang has always provided outstanding technical services and great customer service.

Tuck Tzoganos - FG Cranes

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