Trend Micro email scams & phishing awareness tool.

Are your employees the weakest link in your security strategy?

Phishing emails with convincing social engineering schemes can lead to leaks of sensitive information, potentially enormous financial losses, entire data cryptolocking and ransom attacks.

The Future of Cyber Security Awareness

What’s inside our phising simulation? Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Plan your target users, structure your campaign, our email security specialists at Tang Technology can help you get started so you can commence your simulation, then we are here to help you review the results and identify your risks and recommend the necessary training of your team.


See why our customers love the Phishing simulator and Security training

Here are just a few of our many clients who are confident their team know how to spot a email scam.

Pauline Tan Rocketscience

Awesome Training

We were able to test and educate our team on how to spot phishing and avoid attacks.

Kristjian Radeski GN Construction

This solution rocks!

We targeted our financial team with convincing social engineering schemes to identify our risks

Kylene Tan Mata Design

This is amazing

A great set of tools to train employees and help my clients on additional security needs.

Tabitha Lim Lintrex

Good job!

Thank you for this amazing piece of software, we had recently been hit with scams so training and awareness is essential.

Damon Venoutsos New West Foods

Peace of Mind

Making sure your employees are aware of the threat posed by a cyber-security breach is no longer a nice-to-have. It is a must-have.

Terry Condipodero GR Engineering Services

A really nice job!

We knoew how difficult it is to get employees excited about training, this is so easy

Learn how to spot a Phishing Email, give your team the skills and knowledge