Best technology to ensure business efficiency

When it comes to deciding on and purchasing IT products and software solutions. You need an IT company with the expertise and understanding to recommend products and solutions that meet your requirements today and into the future.

We help you plan for your IT investment and assist in your procurement processes and managing the many providers for hardware and software which support your business.

With over 40 years of experience, we know how to provide installation, setup, deployment, device management, asset tracking for hardware & software and SOE deployments to ensure your team is up and running quickly.


Purchasing is more than just about price.

We have strategic partnerships with the industries leading hardware and software providers, we take the time to understand your needs and recommend products that offer value for money and excellent service.



Relationship Managers in dedicated to you

Relationship management for your purchasing requirements, business big and small

We provide competitive pricing, reliable delivery, business-grade hardware and software, setup, integration and consulting services to support your purchased products. Talk to us today and see how we can assist your business.

How do we select hardware and software products

We specialise in understanding customers needs, objectives and ultimately the end user. Then we analyse the current use case and the future demands of the business, then look the industries leading hardware and software providers.

Tang Technology Purchasing — FAQs

Is there a cost to Purchasing Management?

We don’t charge extra for procurement management services, its all part of the quality service we provide to our customers.

Can I get a copy of all my Purchasing History?

We maintain detailed quality records of everything about the purchasing relationship with Tang, we are the single source of truth for everything you have sourced from Tang Technology, serial numbers, warranty, date of purchase, all the details you sometimes need years after the product has been in use.

Can I manage my own Subscription Services?

We do not restrict or control your access to any of your subscriptions purchased from Tang Technology, we actively encourage a self-help service to your subscription, and we are always here to assist you if your need any assistance or have questions about the best value for money with a product or service.



Supporting Customers

Since starting in 1981 we know that customer service and our professional reputation is our objective.


Active Customers Accounts

We have support and maintained many thousands of customers over the past 40 years, with out own unique, comprehensive and innovative solutions.


Largest Project Size

Providing customer service and support to customer big and small, we are able to adapt and provide outstanding customer service regardless of the size of the business.