Cyber Security Auditing Do you really know everything about your data and cloud solution, access, controls, storage, location, setup. We have help hundreds of clients get an understanding of how, what and where their data is.


Does your cloud security meet the standard?

Whether a Public, Private or a Hybrid cloud solution, cloud environments are only as secure as they have been configured. In nearly all cases, cybersecurity breaches happen due to misconfiguration, inappropriate access controls or mismanagement by third party providers.
We at Tang we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you are not exposed.


$ 290million

Cost of a Data Breach

IBM estimates that the average Cost of a Data Breach to an Australian organisation


Business Closure

Small to medium businesses would either go out of business completely or be forced to shut down for at least a day following a cyber breach.


Most Attacked

Australia is one of the world’s most hacked countries, we are target of “significant” cyber attacks

How we keep our clients safe

We are constantly testing, planning, deployment and ensuring your IT security systems are up-to-date.


Our Cyber Security Audit Outcomes


Strategies to mitigate security risk

  • Communication and Application Whitelisting
  • Patch Applications and Operating Systems
  • Configure Microsoft Office Macro Settings
  • User Application Hardening
  • Restrict Administrative Privileges
  • Training of Users
  • 2-factor Authentication for everything
  • Snapshots, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Backups

Are you looking for an experienced Cyber Security consulting in Perth?

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