Quickly react to stolen or misplaced devices

Track the location of laptops, phones and tablets proactively

Prey's configurable tracking provides multiple-location methods for better accuracy and reliability without compromising the battery of the device. Active Tracking, GPS, GeoIP and WiFi Triangulation all combine to locate your device.


Watch the video and learn all about Prey Anti-Theft in under 2 minutes

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Awesome Security Heroes

People just like you are fighting back and tracking and securing their laptops and mobile devices.

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Device protected safe and sound

Laptops, tablets, iPhones, android devices are all no longer easy targets for thieves and data leakage, find missing devices with confidence.

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Countries covered

If the devices is connected to the internet somewhere in the world we will find locate it, we can recover important files and remotely self destruct the device.

A single solution, independent of brand or operating system

It doesn’t matter if you are setting up laptops for off-site work, or tablets for your office. Protect them with Prey, a multi-os anti-theft, data security, and management platform.


Frequently Asked Questions about Prey Anti-Theft

Setting Up Prey Personal

Install and Signup
Sign-up in the app, and use the same account when installing Prey on all your phones, laptops, and tablets

Hop in the Panel
Manage all your devices at the same place, the online panel. Login at our site or inside the mobile app to track, configure, or use tools

Personalise if Necessary
By default, Prey’s tracking is active and continued. You can modify this at the panel’s Settings tab. Visit Device Management to find these tracking settings: Active tracking or on-demand

Reacting to Theft or Loss

Mark as Missing
Login to the panel and mark it as MISSING. Prey will track and get evidence reports to help retrieve it.

Counter Attack
Use Prey’s features at the online panel to remotely lock your phone, retrieve and wipe your computer’s data, ring an alarm to locate a tablet, and more

Retrieve your stuff
Use Prey’s evidence reports, with remote pictures, locations, and nearby networks to coordinate a recovery with the police!

Need more information we’re here to help you prevent device theft.

Whether you’re looking to protect your own devices or manage an enterprise fleet, Tang Technology has the expertise and experience to protect your most valuable assets.